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Giorgos Rigoutsos lives and works in Syros, Greece, and systematically takes underwater shots. As such, he owns quite a large collection of underwater photographic material covering various aspects of sea life and behavior. See more at his official website. See more at: official website

Articles and pictures of his work have been published in the magazines Photographer ,Digital Camera, Photonet , Gaiorama, Thalassa, Greek Diver , Plefsi, On blue, Explore Nature, και Gaiotropio, with useful information about the sea world and how to encapture it through the lens. He has been awarded in photo contests like, Austrian Super Circuit, Leica Photo Academy, Athens University, Euro Press Photo Awards, Epson, magazine 'Photographer' and the Greek National Geographic.

He likes to experiment with new techniques of the underwater photography but he remains adamant in his belief: "Leave nothing in the bottom of the sea except for your bubbles, take nothing on your way to the surface but memories and pictures of course!"