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The site is online store with George Rigoutsos name, address Parakopi, Syros, PO 84100, TEL / FAX 22810 43130, 22810 42666, 693 2757405.

Use of this site implies acceptance of these terms of use of services and transactions.

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Travel products at the risk & responsibility of the customer.

Orders across Greece sent to a recipient address of your order by courier (courier). Abroad are dispatched only by mail.

Missions will take place daily, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Large or special orders or orders over 2 pieces (diving centers / shops etc) please contact Mr. George Rigoutsos, address Parakopi, Syros, PO 84100, TEL / FAX 22810 43130, 22810 42666, 693 2757405, rigoutsossales @ gmail . com.


The online store does not require any of your personal information. To place an order and to succeed it is necessary to fill in information such as name, surname, postal address, telephone, email address and an invoice for additional company name profession, VAT, Tax,. The collection of such data is the sole purpose of proper commercial and financial transaction between the client (you) and the shop (sole proprietorship under the name George Rigoutsos, address Parakopi, Syros, PO 84100, TEL / FAX 22810 43130 , 22810 42666, 693 2757405). After the order is left on the site none of the records.

Shipping information

Transportation to buy 1-2 books (In Greece):

By Courier (General Postal)
4 € simple mission
5 € on delivery
15€ on dispatch abroad

To purchase more than 2 books or for missions abroad contact me to find the cheapest shipping method
+ 30 6932 757 405

Payment information

Pay off your order with delivery in your area. The delivery does not apply to shipments with freight forwarders or for an abroad dispatch.

Abroad dispatching
The only accepted way of payment for abroad shipping is via Paypal.

Deposits in bank account
Anticipates your order to one of the following bank accounts:

Account Number: 254/601090-33
IBAN: GR59 0110 2540 0000 2546 0109 033

Account Number: 626-002101-114264
IBAN: GR07 0140 6260 6260 0210 1114 264
Account holder: RIGOUTSOS GEORGE
After the money is let us know the date and store bank that it was deposited via email: